Charms Student Registration

Please review the process below before registration. PDF version


Charms Office Assistant Website and App will be the new method for which the music department faculty and your ensemble parent rep will communicate with you, the parent, during the upcoming school year. Charms has a calendar of events, is a place for you to sign up to volunteer, has an online store for paying fees by credit card or PayPal and it is a place to access forms.

Charms has a lot of additional functionality that will be rolled out at a later date. Charms is set up such that you register your student and add parents to your students’ account.

If you have multiple students in the music program, please register each of them separately.

For Charms to be most effective, it is dependent upon you registering by following the steps below.

Charms Student/Parent Registration

To register your child, please follow the below steps. The process needs to be repeated if you have multiple children who are in the Band/Choir/Orchestra music program.

1) Select this link to begin the registration process.

2) Select the “NEW Students Click Here!” button

3) In the Student ID Box input Student ID in the following format:

a. Graduation Year, first name initial and full last name. All lowercase. For example: Samantha Jones is graduating in 2020, her Student ID will be: 2020sjones

b. Note – “If you have multiple children OR twins that graduate in the same year and have the same first initial and the same last name; please add a number 1 or 2 in the end and so on”

4) Provide ONLY the below info for your child

a. Your child’s First name, Last name, Grade and Sex. (Do not enter their phone #’s or email addresses. That information will be added later when adding parents.)

5) Click the “Register” button

6) Select “Add New Adult”

a. For first parent: Enter First Name, Last Name, Cell Phone # in (xxx) xxx-xxxx format, select relation and enter the preferred email address in Email Address 1 box.

b. Click the green Update button

c. Charms will ask if you are sure that you want to leave the student email blank? Select OK

d. Add additional adults as needed starting at instruction #8 - Add New Adult. (Note: if your child has another parent that is not living in your household (i.e Divorced), please enter information for this adult (name, cell # and Email) so that your child’s other parent will receive communication for your child as well.)

7) Select Update when complete

8) Exit Charms

To Change the password for your Charms Account

The current/initial password is the student ID. In order to change the password, please follow the below steps:

1) Go to and select the Charms Login link (not the Student Registration link) or go directly to (Save this in your favorites.)

2) Select the “Login” button at the right.

3) In the Parents/Students/Member section, provide the school code – pchsmusic and click the Enter Student/Parent Area button.

4) Enter Password (this is the same as the student ID created as per the 1st page of this document), click Enter

5) Select Student Info Icon (second from left) then select Change Password button.

6) Change Password by providing the current password (Student ID) and the new password and creating a Hint

You are now registered in Charms and can view the calendar, look for volunteer opportunities and use the online store.

Download the Charms App for iPhone and Android (Note that the App is not compatible with Apple iOS 11 or higher. You will need to use the website version if your iPhone has iOS 11.)

To access Charms App via Phones for Parents/Students – Download “Charms Blue - Student App”

Provide school code (pchsmusic) and your password to login

For questions or problems with Charms registration, contact either Richard Alport via email at or telephone at 314-882-9772 or Sabitha Kumar via email at or telephone at 763-226-6612.

Thank you for registering