My name is Mike Simmons and I write music to dream to - music that's a response to the environment in which I find myself. It's warm, textural, atmospheric and created with synthesizers, samplers and natural sounds. I build up layers of sound to produce an atmospheric pattern of slowly interweaving textures. I use piano, flutes, strings, the human voice and other familiar sounds alongside the less familiar - sounds which can only be produced by electronic instruments. People use it for meditation, relaxation, massage, as background music and, sometimes, to get born to. They do not, as far as I can tell, use it for dancing.

My latest album, "Traces in a Landscape: Herefordshire" will be released towards the end of July 24. More details here, as they become available, and on my Facebook page.

You can find out about my other albums on this site and you'll also be able to listen to some sample tracks. I've also included a few links to the places that inspired the music. For the most part the links accompany the details of each album but you'll also find a page of more general links - mostly relating to the kind of music I play. 

If you're interested in my musical history you can find that here.

You can buy CDs direct from me on this site but, alternatively, all my music is on Apple Music, Spotify etc.