Music Buzzz Podcast Worldwide Chart Success

Since the podcast debuted in November 2020 it continues to chart across the world on multiple platforms and is also part of the Pantheon Network - Podcasts for Music Lovers. Most chart success for Music Buzzz Podcast falls under the categories of "Music Interviews" and "Music". The below numbers reflect only charts related to Music Buzzz Podcast charting thru our website and our stand alone platform listeners; not anyone who listens to us via Pantheon.

United States of America (highest position: #14)

The Netherlands (highest position: #180)

Canada (highest position: #190)

Brazil (highest position: #67)

Israel (highest position: #22)

Germany (highest position: #44)

Australia (highest position: #214)

Spain (highest position: #69)

Sweden (highest position: #89)

United Kingdom (highest position: #25)