Divination Readings

Tarot like anything else is just a sensing tool that certain people have used to enhance their innate abilities such as ESP or empathy. Other tools you may have heard of such as “reading the bones,” dice or domino divination, use of dowsing rods or pendulums, and crystal balls are all only as good as the skilled person using them…who is hopefully also a professional with experience and has a sense of how to share and communicate with the other parties involved.

Believe us, many experiences that involve visionary practices such as shamanic divination or simply using intuitive or psychic skills while reading cards, can take on elements of oddity and the weird. Fortunately at the collective that is Mushroom Shaman.com we hold our readers in a place of integrity that certifies that they are ready to handle anything from strong emotions (catharsis) to spirits contact and exorcism.

We have see it all and therefore believe in it all. These odd situation almost always call for a creative and fearless intention to problem solve and serve.

For these things, you can count on us.

Contact us for appointments. Reader list coming soon. Hugh Alkemi is always available via phone or appointment and payments through CASHAPP and Venmo.

Check out Hugh's patreon account on the subject of readings and the Dune Tarot project: https://www.patreon.com/rss/Trevahr?auth=LNYdLWX7azuHJTIEXGPjcMGFR1w-_BGR