Mushroom Shaman

Welcome spores and seekers! We support the actions of people seeking shamanic and mystical experiences with mushroom medicine and plant sacraments with shamanic ritual, divination (readings), astrology and herbal health consultation. Everything is offered under "spiritual and religious counseling."

Mushroom Shaman is connected to the EntheoRadio podcast network and hub for services and articles on Shamanism and Mushrooms for Health and Transformation.

We currently offer shamanism and microdosing psilocybin information online and sometimes in person in Arizona and other Southwestern states (CA, CO, NM, NV).

Hugh and MushroomShaman brand supplements are tested in their ability to shift emotions and thought patterns and offer students new perspectives on life. We ran a successful store on Etsy for over a year and are not longer selling there but you can see our reviews are 5-star for 325 sales.

For more information on services and supplements please reach out to us via phone, encrypted messenger app or email.

760-909-7606 Hugh (use Signal app, telegram, whatsapp)

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News 11/30/22: is down because of wix server policy problems, and we're working to get another menu site up, please just text us. 1st time, requires an interview. New Sedona Retreats and Psychedelic Club meetings here:

News: 08/09/2022 New episodes of EntheoRadio are distributed across most podcast apps and websites, and you can find all of the connected websites for our community on:


News 08/08/2022 Our supplements are now more widely available online and include various formulas on MushroomShaman.Shop. New microdosing cactus and cannabis products coming soon, please look for a cannabis delivery service in the Tempe, AZ area run by Hugh, under the original name GREEN ESSENCE MOBILE aka GEM (Menu coming soon to products site is up for ormus gold seekers!

News 04/19/2022 Our course is now priced at 39usd for two weeks of access and comes with a sample pack of our microdosing supplements!

News 11/9/21 As of today we have a new course on magic and medicinal mushrooms and microdosing!

News: 12/8/2021 Instagram and Facebook won't let us advertise so we have to build our business and influence organically. Our linktree and ever expanding mycelial network...

Our goal is education, service and empowerment. From teaching about shamanism, divination, and astrology, to mycology and herbal medicine, Mushroom Shaman is an online resource connection humans through the mycelial network and reminding us of what was here long before us, what's here now, and what will be here after us. And even what's across the Universe.

As you may have heard: "The message is the mycelium" -Peter McCoy

Our shamanic service and ceremonies are sometimes available in San Diego CA, Tempe AZ and Tucson AZ, Colorado and Oakland CA (where mushrooms were recently decriminalized).

Any herbal and mushroom services (curanderismo) rendered outside of the decriminalized zones will be with legal mushrooms and herbs only (salvia divinorum, cactus and amanita muscaria) no psilocybin containing mushrooms can be distributed.

Amanita muscaria tends to be our current ritual mushroom of choice and is able to be offered in most locations without any legal restrictions.

Bio for our Curator:

Hugh T Alkemi

Hugh T Alkemi, D. Div is a shamanic minister, herbalist and mycologist. From a young age, he studied dreams and comes from a line of dreaming people from Southern California and Mexico. He is an educator, father, and community leader that inspires people to heal and bravely transform their landscape for the best. Hugh spends his time studying nature and alchemy in Arizona with his partner.

Contact Hugh for a handshake call: