Mushroom Shaman

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The world is changing. The Fungal Kingdom and Humanity can help this change to be more harmonious and aligned with life and nature by acting as lovers and stewards with the Earth.

Mushroom Shaman spored from EntheoRadio podcast network and is now the shamanic hub for services and articles on Shamanism and Mushrooms for Health and Transformation. We are sister organization to, ALKEMI and EntheoMedia Company, and many more.

We support the efforts of humans to change the laws by supporting organizations like MAPS and (Decriminalize Psilocybin Mushrooms in California)

Our goal is education, service and empowerment. From teaching about shamanism, divination, and astrology, to mycology and herbal medicine, Mushroom Shaman is an online resource connection humans through the mycelial network and reminding us of what was here long before us, what's here now, and what will be here after us. And even what's across the Universe.

As you may have heard: "The message is the mycelium" -Peter McCoy

Our shamanic service providers and ceremonies are sometimes available in San Diego CA, Tempe AZ and Tucson AZ, Denver CO and Oakland CA (where mushrooms were recently decriminalized). Any herbal and mushroom services (curanderismo) rendered outside of the decriminalized zones will be with legal mushrooms and herbs no psilocybin containing mushrooms can be distributed.

Amanita muscaria tends to be our current ritual mushroom of choice and is able to be offered in most locations without any legal restrictions.

Bio for our Curator:

Hugh T Alkemi

Hugh T Alkemi is an herbalist and mycologist. From a young age, he studied dreams, symbolism and comes from a line of dreaming curandero/as from Southern California and Mexico. He is an educator, father, and community leader that inspires people to heal and bravely transform their landscape for the best. Hugh spends his time studying nature and alchemy.

Contact Hugh for a handshake call: