One of the last surviving Manhattan Project scientists returns to the crater of the first nuclear bomb on its 70th birthday.

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And with him, perhaps, our nuclear sanity.

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BRIAN MERCHANT,  Sep 26 2017

As an undergraduate physics student turned soldier, Dr. Peshkin was lucky to be sent to Los Alamos, where he worked most of the time as Richard Feynman's personal computer. He describes some aspects of the project and its aftermath and their context in the country at that time, all as illustrated by the limited experience of one then-very-young scientist.  NIST, published on Sep 4, 2012


Murray Peshkin, July 24, 2005

Chicago Tribune Magazine

Interview with Atomic Heritage Foundation

Published on Jul 2, 2015

In this interview, Peshkin discusses his time there working under Richard Feynman. He also talks about espionage and his personal connection with David Greenglass. Peshkin goes into moral questions surrounding the Manhattan Project and the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. Finally, he discusses the persecution of many of the Manhattan Project scientists as alleged communists, especially Phillip Morrison.