Streaming Media & eCommerce Technology and Licensing 



MultiMediaCart is a software research, development and licensing firm. In 1998, MultiMediaCart pioneered eCommerce and streaming media applications. Most of our technology is designed to operate inside popular PHP frameworks like WordPress, Joomla and more. 

We developed the  first PHP-based  shopping cart for media,  and many innovations  related to  streaming  media. We also provide IT security consulting, and streaming media infrastructure consulting services through our consulting partners. 

MuliMediaCart licenses are held exclusively by key license partners, and currently only available in products distributed by the same. For information about our company and our consulting services, please email

Technology and Licensing

Established 1998


Company History 


The founder designed and optimized America's largest corporate networks, attached the first light pen to the IBM PC, and developed the first PHP shopping cart for video. 


We ported our technology to Joomla and implemented a support for HLS & MPEG-DASH. It created automatic preview and other innovative features. 


Released the first shopping cart for Flash video, implemented in  osCommerce - one of the first PHP shopping carts. Our solution was employed by live & VOD publishers. 


We enhanced our Joomla media shopping cart, added API control for encryption, media players and cloud storage. The suite of secure delivery technologies was named Simple DRM Plus.



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