MultiFaith Education Project

The Multifaith Education Project (MEP) is a nonpolitical, nonprofit corporation which brings Jewish, Christian, and Muslim middle school youth together to develop ambassadors of peace by getting to know one another, by learning about each other's faith traditions, and by building friendships.

Louise Franklin Sheehy began the program in 2003 first as Olive Trees Foundation for Peace to encourage interfaith dialogue and to develop ambassadors of peace. The Multifaith Education Project was established in 2007 and took over the mission.

I know that the only reliable way to bridge the walls between us and “the other” is by meeting, talking, telling our stories, listening generously with an open mind, but more important, with an open heart that wants to understand, be loving and patient, and most of all, remain vulnerable to one another. Louise Franklin Sheehy, Orlando Sentinel, January 27, 2003

Photo of Debbie Medina and Anne Vercheski, two of Multifaith's directors, and Louise Sheehy, the founder of Multifaith, with the Peace Pole created by the students. Louise added some tiles to the pole too!