Muggle Clay Slinger Studio 

About the Muggle Clay Slinger

Muggle Clay Slinger Studio is located in Portland, Maine. This is an amateur, in-home pottery studio operated by Brian Rounds, a self-taught potter. Brian is currently a fourth grade teacher at one of Portland's elementary schools. He first started to learn how to make pottery on the wheel out of necessity for his job as an art director at a summer camp. Over the years Brian has focused specifically on building his skills through observation and practice. He has 11 summers of camp studio experience.

Brian and his wife, Lindsay, regularly host exchange students each school year. They've had students from Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, and France. They also have their rescue pup, Luna.

Brian's aim is to create original pieces through his own self-care that are attractive and useful.

The Meghan Taylor Collection: 

Handthrown by The Muggle Clay Slinger and hand painted by Meghan Taylor.

Meghan, 41 years old, lives in Gray with her husband Jason, stepdaughter Kelsey and her own little zoo of Great Danes, Siamese cats and turtles. She has been an elementary school teacher for 15 years but loves teaching 3rd grade the most.  When she is not teaching you can find her at her second job in the bakery at Pineland Farms. In her spare time she enjoys exploring my creative side with painting, sewing or crafting.

Meghan (on the right) with her best friend.

Swirls Pasta Bowl hand painted by Meghan.

Birches Mug hand painted by Meghan

Meghan and her husband Jason.

Proudly Creating in

Portland, Maine 

Est. November 2020