mud body

encounters in a soft matrix,

critique of body politics.

Conversation and practice,

March 2019 till August 2020,

in Europe and Latin America.

The mud body project started when a planned residency in nature was cancelled due to rain. After the clouds had gone, we went out to dance in the wet earth and found a visceral world. A desire for profound encounter with mud and with each other in the mud inspired us to elaborate, and we are now embarking on a long journey into the promise of a matrix that brings every body into state-zero. Here, you find an ever-growing collection of material: our past projects that inform the inquiry into the mud material, as well as current artifacts of our investigation.

The project will continue at least into August 2020, and comprise two interwoven threads. We invite you to delve into the mud with us, and improvise, informed only by what we encounter in the in-between, the matrix. And once we have taken a shower, we wish to share, to verbalize the sensations, the patterns that arise in-between the mud bodies, in an ongoing conversation. Our goal is to not create a final product, a show, not coin a concept or a vantage point. Instead, we hope to enrich the present discourses of decolonialism and institutional critique with the (un)learnings from our direct encounter with material. Let's encounter the other practice in the material that is already there.

Meet the artists

Flupsi has been working with the interaction of spaces and bodies since 2011. Coro was the direct precursor to mud body. Other references include cyborgism, practices inspired by Donna Haraway's seminal manifesto, as well as future witchcraft, an investigation into witchcraft as an insurrective practice against oppressive body-politics. Read my CV and more theory at

Cyborg Jam, February 2018.

Research into metallic surfaces and cyborg bodies.

growing textiles with bacteria.

Based on Donna Haraway's seminal manifesto.

Left: Framing Ritual (2017)

Right: Body Replica Zone (residency in a nature reserve, 2017)

In my explorations, I am seeking a relation to the material found in public spaces through deliberately artificial frames such as literal body inscriptions or moldings of my body.

Soledad researches encounter. Exploring the decolonial imbrications of composition and improvisation, she is currently investigating Joao Fiadeiro´s work on Real Time Composition.

Marta has been working since 2013 between theatre and dance. Exploring how to desterritorialize ourselves through the other and how to build new territories after that. You can find my CV and other informations here: .

Performance on inscriptions. Women´s march, March 8th, Buenos Aires.