Okay folks there they are M.T. Foyer! How about some applause for these boys. Oh wonderful, wonderful. Now, who here is ready to hear their latest hit Never Stop the Dance? Woah, woah, quiet down folks. Quiet down. I'm sure you all know about their smash hit All I Wanna Do Is Love You, but, please quiet down, ladies please, but they also have a wide range of styles that you hippest of the hips will love, from ballads to bangers. And you well know they've converted Casey Kasem, juked Wolfman Jack, and frenzied Alan Freed. Who knows where it will stop? Well, here they are Michael, Iver, Billy, Marty and Dane. M.T. Foyer!


"It’s the emergence of M. T. Foyer that earns top billing, thanks to the undeniable strength of their opening 1-2 punch: “All I Wanna Do Is Love You” and “Let’s Make Something Happen”. Anyone familiar with Michael Sienkowski’s past work probably shouldn’t be surprised by the band’s formidable early outing. Sienkowski was essential to Sleeping in the Aviary (a band that’s earned a surprising amount of words from this site, especially considering they’ve been defunct for years), helped develop Mike Krol into a powerhouse, and made some outstanding music as Whatfor."

- Steven Spoerl, Heartbreaking Bravery

"M.T. Foyer is the latest passion of drummer Michael Sienkowski, erstwhile drummer for Mike Krol and Sleeping in the Aviary. Like Sienkowski’s former projects, M.T. Foyer is peppered with upbeat percussion and jangly guitar lines."

- Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages

"I liked what I heard and so did [sic] the crowd. To the loud cheers, Sienkowski responded with: “Oh you like music? I couldn’t tell you with standing over there."

- Markus Akre,