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Hotmail was recently known as, was Microsoft's old messaging system, which has been now updated, and its 2017 version is now accessible to everyone. This recent version, like all the versions before it, moreover, brings its share of new features, especially in the connection process.

It was in 2012 that Hotmail changed its name to Although it was still only a testing phase at that time, we already knew that Hotmail days were numbered. This change was notably accompanied by a new interface, which put the Metro atmosphere in the spotlight.

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Hotmail Login : With so many E-mail sites in the world, was the first of this kind to be launched in 1996 along with Four11’s Rocket mail which is later quoted as Yahoo mail. Initially, it was launched symbolizing freedom from the ISP-based email. It was so developed that it had the ability to access a user’s inbox from anywhere in the world. The name Hotmail was chosen out of many possibilities that should quote -mail at the end. This was set up nicely by including all the letters of “HTML” quoting it to “Hotmail“.

You can simply log in to your Hotmail account by using your Hotmail credentials. Hotmail has been one of the prominent providers of e-mail services. It has grabbed more than 8.5 million users in less than a year since its launch. Now, being brought by Microsoft in 1997 after many name changes, it is now being named since 2011, which is quoted to be the final name version. The main reason for Hotmail to have gained popularity is that it has been an extensive tool for any workplace and also communication.

How to Login on Hotmail?

In the upcoming context, we will get to learn about how we can log in to Hotmail. Before that let us know why Hotmail has been a hot cup of cake for many users around the globe.

Hotmail has been equipped with software where users from all over the world got connected to it. This software has comprised of salient features like sharing information, getting connecting to it anywhere from the globe, organizing workplace e-mails, etc. Therefore, these have attracted many users namely students, professionals, independents, small scale and large scale business units, etc. The interface of the application has also been very much handy which attracted users of all age groups. Also, in addition to these Hotmail has also introduced drafting and spam folders which have made it easy for users to categorize emails accordingly ahead of time.

Creating a Hotmail Account

Let us go through a few steps on how you can create a Hotmail account. While the Hotmail domain cannot be created anymore, users can generate outlook IDs now that provides with the same experience popular with Hotmail users.

Step 1: Go to – Search for “Hotmail create account” in your search engine. You will get all searches depicting Outlook account creation. Go to the outlook account page and click on Create Account.

Step 2: Enter Email ID – Enter an Email ID which you would like to use as your Hotmail ID. Opt for an email ID which is not yet available. Our suggestion would be to create an email which includes both letters and numbers.

Step 3: Enter a password – Enter a new password which should comprise of 8 characters minimum. Also, make sure that your password is strong so that it cannot be misused by any others. Your password might contain alphabets, symbols, and numbers.

Step 4: Verify and Confirm your region – Now verify and confirm your region as Outlook/Hotmail wants you to.

Step 5: Security verification – Hotmail might ask you for security verification such as your Phone number and stuff. Verify your Phone number using a verification code sent to your mobile.

Step 6: Theme: Select a theme for your Hotmail to give it a bright look and hence, you are done with the creation of your Hotmail account.

Hence you have successfully created your Hotmail account. Now, scroll down below to delve into how to login to your Hotmail account.

Login to Hotmail Account

Since your ID is fully operational now, you can log in to your Hotmail account with ease. To login to your Hotmail account, you would need your email-ID and password. Therefore, Ensure that you do not forget in order to login to your account without any issues. Don’t worry if you forgot anyone of these though, we have the password recovery steps too.

Let us go through a few steps on how you can login to your Hotmail account.

a) Go to the official site which is the new changed version of Hotmail.

b) Click on Sign in option available.

c) You will be redirected to the sign in page where you are required to enter your login details and password. Once you enter them correctly you are logged in to your Hotmail account.

Hence, you have successfully logged into your Hotmail account. You are now free to access all of the premium content on Hotmail.

Login to Hotmail using Mobile

Similarly, you can also log in to your Hotmail Account using your Mobile. Follow the below few steps to know how you can log in to Hotmail account using your Mobile Phone.

a) Install the Outlook application.

b) Open the application and click on Get Started

c) Enter your email address in the box provided. Tap on Add Account or click on Continue if you are using an Android device.

d) Enter your password

e) Tap on Sign in and get logged in to your account with no problems.

f) Tap skip on the preview of the feature and get accessed to your Hotmail/Outlook account.

Features of Hotmail

Here are a few popular features of the app you can delve into as you are looking to create/login to your Hotmail account.

a) Two different and focused email boxes that help you to differentiate emails from regular ones.

b) Different inboxes to categories, like, sent, spam, and drafted emails.

c) Also, You can sync your calendar which helps you in marking important dates and scheduling them to the best.

d) You can unsubscribe and also opt out of any promotional email with additional options like spam blocking.

e) Hotmail has a separate option for archives and also conversation threads.

f) One can attach different forms of files from Word to PDF. Also, one can also add images and additional links as well.

Hence you have successfully learned how to create your Hotmail account. Also, you have learned how to log in to your Hotmail account using both PC and Mobile devices.

Hotmail Security Advice

Many account thefts are generally caused by carelessness when logging into the Outlook service or any other service that requires entering a password via the keyboard. That is why we will give you some tips so that the login to your account is as secure as possible, avoiding the loss of your account so that it can't be utilized by fraudulent people.

  • Always check the address bar of your PC/Mobile browser where you enter your information, whether it's the official one: Microsoft's email administration must be gotten to through these official locations:,,,, and with the subdomain login, record or mail. X .com (where "x" is one of the addresses referenced previously). Ensure the location in the program is one of them; if you see something bizarre like, stop! It very well might be a potential phishing endeavor.

  • Keep your antivirus updated and refreshed. Antivirus and anti malware are critical to recognize malignant phishing attempts that gather delicate data, for example, passwords; keep them tuned!

  • If it's not your PC, log out when wrapped up. Try not to tragically leave your meeting dynamic on gadgets that don't have a place with you; others could browse your email!

  • Update your password regularly; For help with that, check out our article on how to change your Hotmail password.

Hotmail FAQs:

Q: The password is incorrect, how to log back in?

If the password is incorrect, you may want to reset your password. To do so, you can either select Forgot Password? Or you can go to in both cases, a security verification code will be sent to your recovery email address or your recovery phone number.

Just enter that code in its field and you will regain access to your Hotmail account.

Q: How to recover a Hotmail account without a phone number?

You can recover your Hotmail account with your Hotmail recovery email address.

Q: Can I log in to Hotmail with my Skype?

Yes, you can. Skype requires a Hotmail account to sign up, so it’s associated with your Hotmail email account.

Q: Can I log into my Hotmail domain email address?

Yes, after Hotmail’s rebranding to outlook, Hotmail users can log into their Hotmail email account using the Hotmail domain address. You can even sign up on outlook using the Hotmail domain.

Q: How to unlock Hotmail account which has been locked?

A locked account may be the outcome of some suspicious activities of your account. Unusual activities may lead to the temporary lock of an account.

To Unlock Hotmail Account, just enter the email address of your locked account, send a security code a phone number, and enter that code in its field and you be able to unlock your Hotmail account. (You can use any valid phone number to send a security code).

Q: I forgot my Hotmail email address, how do I log in to my Hotmail account?

You can recover your Hotmail account with the alternative email you entered, click on it. From the following window, select and Enter the alternative email or phone number that you entered as recovery options.

A code will be sent to your alternative email address or Phone number. Enter that code and you will be sent to your Hotmail inbox.

So that’s it about it. I hope I answer most of the issues related to your Hotmail email account recovery and login issues.