Software Engineer

Focus on creating user-centric, easy to use, secure and scalable experiences

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I'm a passionate, excited software engineer with experience in full stack web development. My focus is on creating solutions for users to better interact with sites and make complicated procedures simple. I have worked on small scale research projects with the Department of Psychology at Tufts all the way to large scale deployed customer facing solutions for managing network security at Cisco Systems.

Outside of software development, I play saxophone in a band called Shark Saddle as well as the Tufts University Jumbo Knish Factory and enjoy running and biking.




Home Heartbeat - Home Automation Alerting and Monitoring Service

Tusk Marketplace - The online marketplace for students

Tusk Marketplace is a site built by a team of 5 Tufts students to help address the problems of student waste. Students can sell books, furniture, sublets, and more using a scalable, user-friendly site that includes secure, safe and anonymized user to user contact.

Smart Shopper - Dynamic Interactive Grocery List based around Nutrition

Smart Shopper allows users to create a dynamic grocery cart that shows nutritional information using an API (Nutritionix). As users enter items, a graph shows daily recommended values and updates to match new additions. The system created requires no account, rather a user can send the list to their phone (generating a unique URL which retrieves their data with no personally identifying information).