Information designers Giorgia Lupi, an Italian living in New York, and Stefanie Posavec, an American in London, mapped the data of their daily lives for a year as a series of hand-drawn postcards they exchanged weekly by mail. Giorgia and Stefanie became friends through this exchange and created Dear Data, a book containing the full year's set of cards .

To help celebrate Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, we are launching our own

"Dear Data" contest.

Our challenge to you is to collect and measure data about your life, illustrate the data creatively on a postcard, and send it to us.

You may submit as many postcards as you would like, but only cards received by April 24 will be considered for prizes.

We will award three people copies of "Dear Data," each with a specially designed and signed postcard from Giorgia and Stefanie.

Hand-drawn paper postcards should be sent to:

American Statistical Association

ATTN: Donna LaLonde

732 N. Washington St.

Alexandria, VA 22314

ePostcards are also accepted (e.g., you could use Canva to make and submit your ePostcard).

Electronic submissions should be sent to Write "Dear Data Contest" in the subject line.

Entries must include your name and contact information.

If you are a student, provide your grade or degree level.

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