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Please love your family and take care of each other! That is the number one priority for all of you! Thought I would share some of mine!

Welcome to School year 2021-2022!

I will be updating this site throughout the year and if we go remote, assignments will appear under the tabs.

Go ahead and click on a subject page and lets get started! Look in the Blue Box on every page for your daily lessons.


Mr. Wright

This is where your child will find their morning message and assignments for the day if we go remote.

Welcome Back Everyone!

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Your DO NOW: Every morning we do a writing assignment to get started with the day and it appears on the whiteboard when students enter in the morning

(Please write this in your Do Now notebooks)

Ready to start Class? September 2021

Currently, we are doing most in class assignments in our notebooks and using tangible materials. We are using IM math workbooks and students keep their assignments in their notebooks. We have a Do Now notebook, journals to write about their reading, writing notebooks to work on their narrative writing, Mystery Science and Scholastic notebooks to keep track of their learning progress. Students are also responsible for copying down spelling words every week in their word work notebooks. We do word work activities every night for homework and that is kept in their notebook as well.

In class right now, we are currently doing a lot of collaborative discussion, student led examples in math and reading and writing skills work. You can always reach out to me by text at 804-387-1206.

Thank you,

Mr. Wright

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