Google Classroom

If you are a student in my class, then click the icon below to enter our Google Classroom.


Elementary school has changed a lot since you and I were sitting at those small desks! BEW is so fortunate to have Chromebooks for every student in our building, and I utilize this opportunity to its fullest.

While there will still be plenty of paper-and-pencil activities, students will be learning with, performing on, and creating with their Chromebooks on a weekly basis as well. When appropriate, your child will be taking reading and math tests on his/her Chromebook. The majority of computer-based assessments will be done via Google Classroom.

Since your child is enrolled in Barberton City Schools, he/she already has a Google account from the district. Your child can log in to Google Classroom with this account from any computer or smart device. While you yourselves will not be able to access everything in Google Classroom that your child can, you can see what he/she is doing there if you'd like. Just e-mail me with the e-mail address(es) you'd like to use to see your child's Google Classroom work, and I'll take care of the rest.