Shake's Story:

It all started in February of 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic when he decided to go through his childhood baseball card collection that he had not looked at in years. Unfortunately for Shake, he did not find any T206 Honus Wagner cards, but did find stacks and stacks of “junk wax” from the late 80’s and early 90’s. He was not sure what to do with these cards, considering they did not have any monetary value and were mostly from teams of which Shake had no sentimental connection to. He thought about making different craft/art projects out of them but was not sure what to make.  

One day, shortly thereafter, while searching on eBay for baseball cards, Shake came across a “custom” baseball card that was digitally created. This is when Mr. Shake instantly had that “Aha” moment, that you see in cartoons when the lightbulb goes off. He thought to himself: What if I tried to draw ON baseball cards?  Shake always loved to doodle, draw, and create “stuff” and had recently reignited his passion for baseball cards. He thought this might be a fun way to pass time and to get his mind off of the craziness that was 2020, so he ordered fresh packs of Topps 2020 Series One,  some different types of markers and when they arrived, he got to work.

Shake's very first card art creation was this 2020 Topps Teoscar Hernandez (pictured right).  When he looked at the card, immediately, it seemed to him that Teoscar was picking an apple off a he added that to the card using paint markers. 

From there, he began experimenting on different Topps 2020 Series One cards with his paint markers. Below, you can see the first "wave" of Mr. Shake Cards. Over time, his style has changed and now considers himself as a mixed media card artist. 

Shake's styles vary well beyond his first set of cards pictured below. Most of his work now consists of using primarily baseball cards, but will incorporate other mediums such as paper, cardboard, food/beverage labels and basically anything that inspires him. 

 To see how his work has evolved, check out his artwork page. 

Mr. Shake's very first card, made in the winter of 2020

Here, with this card, you can see how my style has evolved! This Daryl Strawberry card was created by using about six different Topps cards along with colored paper and my signature paint markers. Can you identify any of the cards used in this 1/1 piece?