I love to use technology in my classroom. We have access to a laptop lab that we can use quite frequently. Students will be closely monitored and need to treat the computers with respect. If students are using computers inappropriately, or are being disrespectful to the computers, it will result in a loss of computer privileges. Students may also, if available, use a personal device to complete an activity. If it is being used for anything other than what is required, the student will lose the opportunity to use personal devices in class. Per school policy, sending or receiving texts, phone calls, and accessing social media are strictly prohibited in the classroom. Assignments will be given that will need a computer outside of class. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE COMPUTER OR INTERNET ACCESS.


We will be focusing on specified content over the course of the year. Which includes a variety of reading strategies, reading and language analysis, as well as a focus on independent reading.


The types of writing we will cover this year are argumentative, informative/explanatory, and narrative. One of the biggest components to 6th-grade writing is being able to use evidence to support your writing. Students will have at least one essay or story assigned for each type of writing. Writing projects should be able to be completed at school. However, students may have to finish their writing at home if they run out of class time.


Students are expected to read 20 to 30 minutes a night or a minimum of two hours a week. We will assist students in selecting an appropriate book. A weekly reading log is required, which will be due on Fridays and are not accepted late. This will be 10% of the grade. Please check planners frequently for assignments, due dates, and activities.

Book Reports and Projects

Students will be assigned at least one book report or project per term. You will be notified by email when a report or project has been assigned with all the requirements. Students will also receive a paper copy of the requirements for the projects and due date. Late projects will not be accepted.

General Grading Breakdown

Grading for Language Arts will be based on several factors:

  • Homework: (weighted10%) At-Home Reading

  • Classwork: (weighted 20%) Classwork includes: practice, collaborative work, and independent practice.

  • Assessments: (weighted 30%) Students will have a vocabulary quiz that will cover the vocabulary taught in class. Students who do not demonstrate proficiency will have an opportunity to retake an assessment for a higher grade.

  • Projects: (weighted 40%) Students will be assigned at least one book report or project per term, this will be due by the end of each term. Specific due dates will be sent home in both email and hard copy form when they are assigned.

Behavior expectations and classroom incentives

All students can behave appropriately in a classroom. No student should prevent a teacher from teaching or any other student from learning. My goal is to focus on the positive and make sure students are rewarded. Students will be expected to follow directions the first time they are given, arrive on time and be prepared, and respect others, as well as class materials. Students who behave inappropriately will lose privileges. If I am having repeated behavioral issues in class, I will contact parents or guardians prior to assigning extreme consequences, such as detention.

Students in my classroom will be earning Mario bucks. They will be able to deposit their class cash into the 6th-grade online bank (there is a link to the login on my website.) They can use their class cash to buy things from the class store and sixth-grade auction at the end of each term.


I am big on communication. I want you to feel comfortable communicating with me about problems and concerns your student may have. I respond to emails at the end of each school day. You may also call me or make an appointment to discuss any concerns you may have. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year!

Mrs. Glad