November 2021 Newsletter

What's going on in Room 303 this month...

Reading & Writing

During November and December we will be reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J. K. Rowling. Students will be working on restating a question, answering all parts of a question, citing evidence from the text and explaining their response. Students will also be working on iReady Reading each day.


In November we will be wrapping up our units on multiplication and division.

Click on the link for some skip counting videos to help with mastery!

Students will also be working on iReady Math and ST Math each week in class.


We will explore life cycles in plants and animals this month with our Stemscopes curriculum.

Social Studies

This month we will begin our study of the first people of Massachusetts the Wampanoags and Native American Tribes that lived in the Haverhill area.

Kermit the Leopard Gecko

Each day we try to pick one person's name to hold Kermit our Leopard Gecko.

Almost everyone has had a chance!