Andy Schwen

I've been a high school cross country ski coach since 2012 when I converted my love of downhill skiing and running into the best sport I've ever known. I love it!

I learn more every year and the sport has so many layers of complexity as things evolve that I'm confident I will never "know it all". Follow along on my continuous learning journey as a coach, athlete and parent through my instagram account. 

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I've been a math teacher since 2003. At the same school. It's a middle school. Sometimes I forget that I get paid to do this. There is probably something wrong with me.

I live in Minnesota where negative numbers are taught to 3 year old children as justification for the layers of warm clothes they must wear to survive the short walk to the car. Sometimes my own children cry when I do math with them. My desk is cleanest when I have a substitute teacher coming the next day. 

I "have summers off" and would love to come work with teachers in areas related to technology in the math classroom, standards based grading and teaching so students remember. Please contact me if you're interested in setting something up.