Mr. Schill

Counselor's Corner

Classroom Counseling 2018-2019

Welcome students and parents to the 2018-19 school year!

Once again this year I will be working just in the High School building full time. This year I will be meeting in the classroom with the 7th graders each day. I will be teaching them the "Owning Up" curriculum. The curriculum is authored by Rosalind Wiseman and deals with empowering adolescents to confront social cruelty, bullying and In justice.

New this year I will be teaching the "Positive Selves curriculum" and we will also be using "RUReady ND" for career exploration. I am looking forward to this challenge and feel it will be a valuable experience for our students.

I also provide K-12 counseling services to the Spruce Lane Hutterite Colony School near Blanchard ND. The Spruce Lane School currently has 5 high school students and 7 students in grades K-8.

Important Links

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RuReady ND - Click to learn more about potential careers! Please email Mr. Schill for the Password.

SLND - Link for Financial Aid! College and Career Information - Information to help you start planning for life after high school

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School counselors provide programs for students, parents and teachers:

Individual counselingGroup counselingCrisis intervention Career PlanningClassroom guidanceParent/Teacher conferencesOrientationConsultationEducation

School counselors assist students in meeting their educational goals:

Developing a positive attitude toward learningSetting and reaching academic goalsDeveloping a secondary school course planExploring post high school optionsResearching and applying for scholarships and financial aidImproving test-taking skills

School counselors help students grow personally and socially:

Gaining self-awarenessDeveloping positive attitudesDeveloping relationship skillsMaking effective decisionsImproving responsibilityResolving conflictsRespecting othersDeveloping healthy choices

School counselors teach career planning:

Developing skills in career decision makingUtilizing the career planning processUnderstanding career stereotypingAnalyzing the interrelationship of interests and abilitiesUnderstanding the interrelationship of life roles and careers

North Dakota Association of Honor Society

The Hillsboro Chapter of the North Dakota Association of Honor Society for the 2018-2019 school year.