Mrs. Bergman's Online Classroom

Welcome Back Class!!!

This is our 3rd grade website, where you can find all the links and passcodes you will need to complete any remote learning.

For now most learning from home will be found in your home folder. We will be practicing how to use the computer in class and in time some remote assignments will be found on seesaw, epic, or Learn Zillion.

We will be using google meets to check in on all the days you are working from home. Just like last year the google meets links will be found here. I will put them below.

I look forward to starting this new adventure with you and your families!!!!

Group A Google Meet Link

9:30-10 EVERY Tuesday and Friday

Group B Google Meet Link

9:30-10 EVERY Monday and Thursday

Wednesday: Whole class Google Meet Link

Starts at 9:00 EVERY Wednesday

Welcome Back Families,

On your remote learning days you will still be required to do school work. I will always have something for you to work on in math, reading, and writing. I will send home assignments and also post on seesaw. You may complete them however you like. Books and notebooks will also always be sent home with your child on remote days.

I recommend having your child work 30 minutes on each subject. Every remote day I will zoom with your child and the other students on their remote days from 9:30-10 to check in. I suggest setting up a schedule that works for your family. Below is a sample schedule. If you find as we get going that the workload is too much or too little please reach out to me and we will work something out.

Wednesday will be a remote day for everyone, including me. I will include a copy of the Wednesday schedule. We will zoom together for a morning meeting, math block, and literacy block, where I will work with students in small groups.

Please reach out with any questions and concerns. My email is

Thank you for all your support!

Mrs. Bergman

Sample Schedule for Remote Days

8-8:30 Math

8:30-9 Writing

9-9:30 Outside/play break

9:30-10 Google Meet with Mrs. Bergman and other students to check in.

10-10:15 Break/snack

10:15-10:45 Reading

10:45-11 Movement break

11-12 Do something creative, maybe draw, do a puzzle, or write a song.

12- Lunch

*Do some free reading in the afternoon.

Wednesday Schedule

(Whole class)

9-9:30 Morning Meeting (Google Meet)

9:30-10:15 Math (Googe Meet/Independent work)

10:15-11 BREAK

11-12:35 Literacy

Small groups (Google Meets)

11-11:20 Group A

11:25-11:45 Group B

11:50-12:10 Group C

12:15-12:35 Group D