Mrs. Bergman's Online Classroom


This is our 3rd grade website, where you can find all the links you will need to complete any remote learning and a monthly newsletter to keep families informed.

School looks a little different this year but one thing to remember is school days are still Monday through Friday. Some days we will work in the classroom and some days are from your house. I will provide the learning for the home days.

We will be using google meets to check in on all the days you are working from home. Just like last year the google meets links will be found here. I will put them below.

I look forward to starting this new adventure with you and your families!!!!

Follow the below schedule for the week of January 11th-15th.

Bergman: Remote Schedule

Group A Google Meet Link

9:35-9:50 EVERY Tues. and Friday

Meeting ID

Join with the code:


Group B Google Meet Link

9:35-9:50 EVERY Monday and Thursday

Meeting ID

Join with the code:


Wednesday: Whole class Google Meet Link

Starts at 9:00 EVERY Wednesday

Meeting ID

Join with the code:


Home day expectations

  1. Students are expected to complete the packets I send home with them on their home days (different from Wednesday). In the packets you will find reading, writing, and math assignments. All assignments relate to the learning we have done in class and can be completed independently.

  1. We have been working on our seesaw skills in class and students are becoming very familiar and comfortable using the program. Seesaw is our online classroom. A place I assign work and students respond. We will be using seesaw if we ever have to go remote. So it is important they are using it now. On top of their packets they are expected to complete the 2 seesaw assignments I post for them on home days.

  1. Join the google meet from 9:35-9:50 each day to check in and ask any questions about the days assignments.

**If you ever feel like your student needs more work or if something is not working for you at home please reach out through talking points, email, or phone and we can problem solve together.

Wednesday Expectations

On Wednesdays we all work from home, including myself. I have set the day up as much like school as possible.

Students should follow the Wednesday schedule listed below.

I will send home the work they need earlier in the week to complete the lessons. Students will need to log into google meets at 9. Breaks are build in throughout the morning. During this time we will have whole group discussions, lessons, and small group work as well as independent work time. This time is meant to be interactive. Student will participate in lessons and also have time to turn cameras off and complete work independently.

With in school days only being twice a week it is crucial students show up to Wednesday google meets if possible. Consistency with learning and working with the teacher will greatly benefit your child's learning in these tricky times.

*Again if your child is unable to join (REC or Childcare reasons, or even if an appointment comes up) please let me know, I have been putting everything we do on Wednesday on seesaw for students that have let me know, so they are not missing out. I am happy to work with families in any way to best support your child.

Sample Schedule for Home Learning Days

8-8:30 Math

8:30-9 Writing

9-9:30 Outside/play break

9:30-9:45 Google Meet with Mrs. Bergman and other students to check in.

10-10:30 Seesaw

10:30-11 Reading

11-11:15 Movement break

11:15-12 Do something creative, maybe draw, do a puzzle, or write a song.

12- Lunch

*Do some free reading in the afternoon.

Wednesday Schedule

(Whole class)

9-9:30 Morning Meeting/Read Aloud and discussion (Google Meet)

9:30-10:15 Math (Googe Meet/Independent work)

10:15-11 BREAK

11-12 Literacy

Small reading groups (Google Meets)

11-11:20 Group A

11:20-11:40 Group B

11:40-12 Group C