Going on a Vacation Project

You've Won!

Imagine that you’ve just won the coveted “Most Likely to Succeed in Math” award! Your prize is $4,500.00, which must be applied to a vacation. Your destination choices are provided for you below. You, a parent, and two others will be traveling by car, and you must plan all the expenses for your trip without exceeding $4,500.00.

Vacation Destinations

Choose from one of the six destinations provided for you. To help you make your choice, visit each website and take a look around.

Google My Map

View each destination for additional information. Enlarge the map and click on the Directions icon to see travel details from Scholar Academy.

Things to Consider

  • Assume you’ll be able to travel 600 miles per day (60 mph for 10 hours), estimate how long it will take you to arrive at your destination. For example, a 1,200-mile trip would require two days of driving, and you would have to spend one night in a hotel.
  • Use the data charts and location websites to select items for your vacation. Include all lodging, food, ticket prices, etc.
  • Estimate costs and add these to your gasoline total. If your total expenses exceed $4,500.00, you will need to reduce costs. If your total is below $4,500.00, you will need to add items to come as close to the prize money as possible without going over.
  • Do not include costs for souvenirs or extras. These items do not get deducted from the prize money.
  • Travel and lodging must be calculated for a round trip.
  • You may need two hotel rooms, such as one for girls and one for boys, so make sure to consider who is in the group. All boys or all girls can stay in one room.
  • You have various choices and options. Study the data charts carefully and choose what will give you an outstanding vacation.
  • You may remain on vacation as long as the prize money is available.
  • You must pay all expenses for the group of 4.

vehicle choice & fuel costs


Eating on the Road

  • Choice A - $15 per day per person (eating fast food)
  • Choice B - $25 per day per person (a good breakfast, fast food lunch, full meal for dinner)

Eating at Your Destination

  • Choice A - $35 per person, per day. Includes lunch and dinner at selected restaurants
  • Choice B - $55 per person, per day. Includes: 3 meals at any restaurant

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