Mrs. Casteel

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I'm so glad you're here, please see the menu at the top for each of my courses. Below are some platforms we will use often. Check your email often, I like to send emails to remind students about assignments. Watch due dates, I don't want you to lose points for not turning in assignments on time.



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Mrs. Casteel's schedule

1st Block (7:15-8:40): Planning

2-3rd Block: Triplet Biology

  • 3-1 Bio (8:45-9:45)

  • 3-2 Bio (9:50-10:50)

*Lunch (10:50-11:10)*

  • 3-3 Bio (11:15-12:10)

Green Block (12:15-12:45)

4th Block (12:50-2:10): Ecology