Mr. Moedano

In this website, you will find some of my innovative ideas I've used to perfect the math classroom at a secondary level. Feel free to follow my professional social media sites below where I post resources along with many interesting reads. I’m actively using the hashtag #mathwithmoe across all sites in order to create a space for my students to participate.


Robert Moedano

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About Me

My name is Roberto Moedano and I originate from Calexico, CA. I studied at UCLA for my bachelors and then went to San Diego State for my bilingual teaching credential in Math. I'm also a recent USC alumni with a Master's in Teaching (yay to education!). I'm currently beginning my educational journey to a doctoral program with University of North Dakota which is very exciting but also nerve-wracking. I believe we can inspire the youth with our own actions and this is how I model my success to them. By showing them how someone that came from the same area as them can get the education to succeed.  

I like to have an online presence with social media as well as find means to fund my teaching and educational journey. My passion has always been math and I'm disappointed it gets such a bad rep with our children. I seek to make math fun and provide an experience that can remove that negative experiences in the math classroom. Teaching these kiddos requires lots of time and planning outside of the working hours which is why I ask for any kind of support. Feel free to click on the "Support" tab to find out more or click the "Contact" tab to get in touch with me. Thank you for visiting my page and let's continue to educate our children!