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Desktop Computer Installation:

Current recommendation for USB wifi adapter purchase:

Most reliable and affordable option for easy plug ’n play USB wifi adapter for Windows/OSX/re-imaged Linux devices!

September 21st, 2017 UPDATE:

A HUGE thank you to Aaron Prisk for helping us develop an even more efficient solution to reimaging old computers, to make them run like new again with Xubuntu!

Here are some of the major upgrades:

Work Flow for More Efficient Computer Reimaging:

Computer #1 (This computer will contain the VirtualBox Xubuntu image with the student profile)

1. Reimage an old computer with Xubuntu USB Boot Disk

2. Download & Install VirtualBox onto Xubuntu (Xenial) computer (Version AMD64 for newer PCs or Version i386 for older PCs)

Once VirtualBox is downloaded onto Xubuntu computer do the following to install VirtualBox:

      • Ctrl+Alt+T (open terminal)
      • Type: sudo apt update (enter)
      • Type: sudo apt-get install virtualbox (enter)

3. Install a pre-made Xubuntu image in VirtualBox onto the Xubuntu computer

OR, Create a Student Profile (Written by Linux Expert, Aaron Prisk) inside of VirtualBox

Computer #2 (This computer will contain the Xubuntu FOG Server that will capture and deploy the Xubuntu image (with student profile) from Computer #1 (VirtualBox) to other computers when connected via Ethernet) (Video Walkthrough)

1. Reimage an old computer with Xubuntu USB Boot Disk

2. Install FOG Server

3. Capture VirtualBox Xubuntu image (containing student profile) using FOG Server

4. Use Computer #2 to reimage other computers via ethernet gigabit switch (this will push the Xubuntu image containing the student profile directly onto all other connected computers)

August 22nd, 2017 UPDATE:

With the help of Linux Expert, Aaron Prisk, we can now deploy a student, tailor-made Linux image to multiple devices at the same time using a standalone, Linux FOG Server (this system installs a Linux image without the requirement of any network access)!

Tools used:

  • Xubuntu computer with FOG installed (ethernet connection is required for FOG server installation)
  • Personal computer with VirtualBox installed
  • Ethernet Switch with ethernet cables (this is the only limiting factor re: the number of devices receiving Linux deployment at the same time)

Reimaging Process Overview Video

Laptop or Desktop Installation Support Memo (updated June 13th, 2017):

For those who want to install the newest version of the Chrome Browser onto your re-imaged laptops, please follow the steps outlined in the video below.

The Re-imaging process:

Making a Bootable USB

A HUGE Thank you to RCTO (Computers For Schools) for your continued support in donating free desktop computers for student use in classrooms! RCTO Article Summary

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