Mr. Cochran's

Physics is PHUN

Most of the information you will need is here in our

Look for a window below that shows your class schedule.

Included in our Google Calendar are

all class meetings, activities, learning targets and assignments

These could be called "Play Lists"

A great idea is to add your class calendar to your personal Google Calendar.

You will need to be signed into your Melrose account to join the meets on the flex & extra help calendar.

Assumptions in Physics Sheets

Links to Sites

The ones we really need

This is where to access our text book for readings, problem sets and lots of helpful resources

This is the alternative textbook. You do not need to donate to either open the Web View or download the pdf

The help site for a book that I have found very useful.


and lots of other resources

Videos with embedded questions to watch at home

Simulations we will use during class and on other assignments

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There are some very helpful video here

Videos of class Problem Sets

Past and Current

A great way to see how the problems are approached

Here is the site we will use for video labs

This is an online data system we will use for projects and labs

This is a great 3D design site and what we are using to simulate circuits

Here are some Math helpers and solvers

You may use these on all assignments and evaluations

Intro Video

Intro Physics 2021.mp4