AP Physics C

Here are the sites we are going to use to practice problems.

This is a site we are using for video labs

Videos of class Problem Sets

Past and Current

A great way to see how the problems are approached

Play List

Summer Work

Join the Google Classroom for next year. Code: 2dp3ba9 . This is how we will communicate this summer and all next year.

You need to enroll in the edX course On-Ramp to AP Physics C: Mechanics. There is no charge for the course unless you want a certificate and you do not need a certificate. Be an active participant and do all the activities in the course, this should take 10-15 hours. I would suggest spreading it out over the summer. At the beginning of school in the fall you will need to pass in screen shots showing your progress overall and in each section. Your average in the course will be applied to both a quiz grade and a homework grade to begin the year.

If you have not taken a calculus course prior to next year or just feel like you want a refresher enroll in the edX course On-Ramp to AP* Calculus. This course is a great way to make sure your calculus skills start the year strong. This is a completely optional suggestion.

Good Luck and email me if you have questions or concerns. bcochran@melroseschools.com Mr.C