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Science IG posts (


Parallel vs Series configuration --- Observe the brightness of the bulbs
Newsworthy IG posts
China vs US squabbles about space ventures ><. could stop man from killing wife ><. to 2021's tech buzzwords.

Music IG posts

Family Time


Looping videos IG posts
National Education (NE)

Construction of National Flag


Scout Hymn

In my dreams I'm going back to Gilwell

Instructions for relief teacher(s)

Math IG posts (

Reading numerals (numerals to words)



Writing mixed number from long division

Simplifying fractions


The idea of percentage:

Similar triangles

Area of square

Types of Triangles 
--- using straws

--- By animation

Area of Triangles --- proofby animation
by cutting paper

Finding Area

Exploratory activity for Area



Vertically opposite angles

Breath in and out Polygon --- 
Properaties of Interior and exterior angles of triangles

A Classical Geometry question (from PSLE) 

Algebra   Check out this answer-checking mnemonics