Physics Notes

Please choose a course from the drop down menu. Each link will take you to a Google Drive folder. POWERPOINT and PDF versions are there. Feel free to edit and change as you see fit.

Philosophy on notes: Physics textbooks today just have way too much information. Since all course basically have specific targeted standards, it is safe to say that almost half of the textbook in any given high school class will not be covered. Why have a textbook? They are are expensive and heavy and most school platforms are moving towards a digital platform. Why not pull from the BEST sources for your students? So that is what I have tried to do. I use POWERPOINT because I have a SMART TV in my classroom and I can use a digital pen to write on all the slides. While I am doing a lesson, I use CAMTASIA studio to screen capture so that I have a digital copy of the lesson. I post the captured video link on Canvas. I also wear a a mic from Audio Enhancement to capture the sound.

Why PDF? I use KAMI.......everyday! Click on pic below. For $99 a year, I get 150 student licenses. KAMI is a pdf authoring Chrome app that integrates with Canvas. I post the pdf as an assignment. When my students click on the assignment it opens the PDF version of my PowerPoint in KAMI . The students use a stylus to highlight, underline, or annotate test. We work out problems together. Sometime we even do a mini lab and paste graphs or pics in the pdf. The assignment comes with a SUBMIT button so that the student can easily turn in the work. It goes directly to Canvas Speedgrader.