Educational Perspective & Brief Biography

For both professional and personal reasons at the time, Whitney declined the offer of admission but continues a busy schedule of technology integration, training, and speaking engagements, on top of a full teaching timetable (see Résumé at SEARCH Associates).

Whitney's Statement of Intent, found below, provides a brief biography of his beginnings as an educator and where his current perspective lies with regards to today's education system(s). His journey, spanning almost two decades, has lead him to be a go-to ‘techie’ for more than half of that time and he is recognized as an ‘edtech’ integrator, innovator and facilitator in his own right.

"The ‘new language’ is just that, new. It is new to all of us, to all stakeholders, from parents and their children to superintendents and their teams of principals and teachers. We must digest, discuss, debate and transform together. It is about building agency in our learners and in our educators implementing this new language, so that each one of us can speak it, own it, and build it the way it needs to be built."

Educational Perspective & Brief Biography (OISE Master's Degree Statement of Intent 2016).pdf