Chromebooks in the Classroom

Professional Bio

After graduating from high school, I came to the US to attend university. After two years of a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Le Tourneau University I decided that that was not the life for me. I changed course and graduated three years later with a degree in Education from Biola University in southern California, and later a minor in English. Finally I decided to earn a Masters of Science degree, I completed that work at California State University Fullerton in 1998.

Two years after I started teaching I married my wife. Now, many years later we have a son and a daughter.

Now my professional life. I began teaching Jr. High English and math. I taught in the classroom for seven and a half years until taking my next position. I trained and supported teachers in their use of technology in the curriculum. Here is the high school where I used to work. After working there for another seven and a half years I moved to the district office. I continued doing the same kind of work but now for all of the schools. Our department supported all staff and students in the district with many different technologies. We supported more than 20 different systems, from email to web servers, from Voice Over IP (VOIP) to network filtering, from internet access to troubleshooting and repair. I am now back in the classroom again. I taught middle school English, Science and Math at Garfield school in Alhambra for seven years. Perhaps you have noticed the pattern of sevens. I am teaching English at Alhambra High School now, and if all goes well I shall be here for seven years.

My personal interest involve music ( I play two instruments), soccer, old cars, mountain biking, and students. I teach as a choice, since enjoy the interaction with young adults so much.