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At Millville Public Schools, we recognize that this is a difficult time for the entirety of our school community and our school counselors want to ensure their availability to help with any questions, concerns, and feelings you may have in reference to the COVID-19 virus, schoolwork, grades, and personal/social issues. While you may not be able to make an appointment to stop by an office, our counselors want to be able to provide any necessary guidance to you and your families while away from our buildings. We can do this using multiple venues including telephone, email, and video conferencing. Also, all of our counselors have created a Google Classroom specific to the students they interact with on a daily basis. Feel free to join their classrooms and interact with them as they begin to post activities and important information over the upcoming weeks. To view the many different resources we have shared, please click on the links above. If you have an emergency, please click here.

In light of the recent circumstances affecting the Millville School District family, the District Crisis Team has developed a form to connect you with the appropriate counseling resources during this difficult time.

Please note that in-person counseling services will be offered at both Memorial High School and Millville Senior High School for the week of 8/31-9/4, but due to COVID-19 regulations we would ask that you try to schedule an approximate time and which location is preferable to you.

***9/4/2020 - Today's virtual counseling codes are below. To log-in to meet with a counselor, please use Google Meets and use the classroom codes below.

  • Katie Baralus = CrisisMC (10:30am-12:00 noon)

  • LINK = CrisisLINK (9:00am-12:00 noon)

School Counselor Contact Information

Office Hours: 8:00am - 3:00pm

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