Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: We are pleased to have Professor Konrad Rieck, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, delivering a keynote address.

Keynote Title: Family Reunion: Adversarial Machine Learning meets Digital Watermarking

Keynote Abstract: Artificial intelligence is increasingly employed in security-critical systems, such as autonomous cars and drones. Unfortunately, several machine learning techniques suffer from vulnerabilities that enable an adversary to thwart their successful application, either during the training or prediction phase. In this talk, we investigate this threat and discuss attacks against machine learning, such as adversarial perturbations and data poisoning. Surprisingly, many of these attacks are not entirely novel, and similar concepts have been developed independently for attacking digital watermarks in multimedia security. We review these similarities and provide links between the two research areas that may open new directions for improving both, machine learning and multimedia security.

Biography: Konrad Rieck is a Professor at TU Braunschweig in Germany, where he leads the Institute of System Security. Previously he has been working at the University of Göttingen, TU Berlin, and Fraunhofer Institute FIRST. He graduated in 2004 and received a Ph.D. from TU Berlin in 2009. Konrad Rieck is a recipient of the CAST/GI Dissertation Award, a Google Faculty Research Award and the German Prize for IT-Security. His interests revolve around computer security and machine learning, including the detection of computer attacks, the analysis of malicious code, and the discovery of vulnerabilities.