MagicPantsJones Loves You.

Hello. I love you. I've been making art on stickers from the start of the pandemic. Some of the stickers have been imploring people to stay home. Some have been positive messages with reminders for a good life. Some are just dumb jokes. But the thing is, without anywhere to share it, art is meaningless. So it's sharing time! I'm going to post new stickers here as well as on Instagram. But I'm also going to make sure that I keep from hoarding them. For the time being, I have a crap ton of sticker blanks, and a whole mess of stamps. If you find your way to the form at the bottom of this page, I'll send you a sticker from my stack of stickers so I don't have to be a sticker stacker anymore. What do you have to give me? Other than a place to send you a sticker, you don't have to give me a doggone thing! That's all. Have a swell day, and ask for a sticker. I want to send one to you.

So I meant what I said, I don't need anything in return - I've got envelopes, stamps, and stickers enough to get started! If, however, you'd like to donate to this project so I can purchase further stamps, you're welcome to Venmo me @Sean-Farnum. Put "Free Art Project" in the memo!