I am a tenured Assistant Professor of Development Economics at Groningen University. My research focuses on human capital, agriculture, and the political economy of aid.  I hold a PhD in Economics from Göttingen University. I am a Research Associate at the Oxford Department of International Development and at the Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research at Göttingen University. 

I have worked as a consultant for international organizations in health and education projects. These research activities include projections of child malnutrition indicators across the globe for Save the Children, the analysis of teacher performance issues in Indonesia for the World Bank, an impact evaluation of a hospital opening in Nicaragua commissioned by the Dutch Government and survey design support for a longitudinal study on child development in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam for Oxford University.   

I am also involved in malengo and puentenica, both programs that promote access to higher education for low-income&high-achieving students.

E-mail: marcello.perez-alvarez@fau.de