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DD1- Drone videos that make your home listing shine?

Ty Brandon talks drones for video listings

all right so here we are with ty brandon

today and ty's in the house and  he's

from the home front team of nesworth


in kansas city missouri and he's going

to talk today up to sellers about the

mixture of using listing videos and

specifically drones

as a part of that strategy

we're going to list the three most

important benefits in these  in this

podcast so keep watching  so you can

learn as a seller what the three most

important parts of using listing videos


and  so ty why don't you tell us a

little bit about your real estate

journey why you're here and why you do

drone videos  hi david thanks for

having me um

so yeah my name is ty brandon um kansas

city missouri  we service missouri and

kansas park um i have another business

like you can see skyfox drone and so

that's kind of where i really where i

really started um just kind of making um

videos and social media content for

businesses or  a lot of real

estate agents

um so yeah that's kind of why i got into

real estate and here i am today so um

Three most important things to a seller

why don't you tell us what are the three

things that a seller the three most

important things about what we do with

custom videos are to the seller

 for sellers i would say the most

important thing is


companies pay

hundreds of thousand dollars for

marketing material and really 

you want to tell the story of the home


um and when you tell that story people

are watching that and it just

psychologically it creates 

urgency and a fear of loss that they

need to get into that home and then you

know just to see it  maybe they

maybe they're kind of on the edge but

they want to go in and just like is it

really as nice as the video sit 

looks um and then  so that's

number two and then i think the third

one just

when you're using all this marking

material it of course shows returns and

in the end you're gonna get the highest

price you're gonna get the most and the

best offer um from whoever's looking at

your home

yeah i agree and that's that's really

What is a custom video

important so what do you do then so what

what is a custom video and how do you

get in and get the content and put it

together and where does it get posted

how does all that work so you look at

the highlights of the house um and you

kind of want to show off the the best

parts of the home  just overall

the best parts and then you want to get

some  b-roll kind of filler


um okay what is what does b-roll mean

what is that b-roll is  just

kind of approaching the home

maybe it's the address maybe it's a flag

 flying um

whatever you want sports

like or like a fire pit or a gazebo or

yeah yeah anytime something like that

anything that you think that's probably

going to create the experience 

um probably you want like  as a

seller person who lives in the home how

great it is to sit by the fire pit and

enjoy  the sunset

and people can't really realize that

unless  they are there um and

how do you how do you experience that so

you take a video um

and  that's why you would take a

video at sunset whether rather than you

know at noon so i mean that's a whole

 just the process of like like

we were saying  telling the

story creating the experience getting

the person who's gonna buy that home

to feel like they want to be in the home

 just it's like

we we don't want to miss out on this

great this is this great sunset with my

pool  doing all this stuff um

and so sometimes even in my videos i

bring  you people will probably

call them extras um but i get people in

there and i think videos with people in

it are way more interesting and so that

again tells the story  creates

the experience


and then

really like i said in the end if you

tell that story right you're just

increasing your profit margin or you're

increasing the number of offers so it

Quality and experience

sounds like the um

the quality of and the experience of the

person doing this type of work is very

important i'm hearing things from you

about bringing in extras if it makes

sense planning the date the time of day

i think there are some apps and websites

where you can go on and see what where

sunset will be at certain times

storyboarding the process in your mind

as you when you go to the property

where am i going to go first what am i

going to shoot where's the sun

um  are there windows in rooms

right as far as getting  a lot of

completely blow out enrollments you want

somebody who  in the industry we say

is very like light sensitive so

everything has to with light yeah um you

wanna you wanna capture everybody in the

best light you want everybody to be

glowing you want that room to 

not be blown out with just like big old

bright windows so it kind of everything

looks like harsh um and  the

whites are important um and again


like you're saying  once you get

down the line you probably you do want

to hire somewhat of a professional you

know your mom your brother your sister

can get a drone and or a camera and do

all the pictures but  you're not

going to get the same the same quality

and it's at the end of the day you can

spend a whole bunch of money to do it


and more time and you don't you get a

lesser product

um and when you're marketing your home

 that's one of the biggest

purchases or sells in a person's life

um and  do you want to leave it

up to them or do you just want to just

hire the professional who's like okay i

know what i'm going to do it's not going

to take that much time i got this great

idea  it's not going to be just

like  the other guy again that's

about getting the best best offer and

the best price and so

it's hard to  a lot of people

just make one video but a lot of times

it's about getting really like dynamic

shots  so it comes up and you

can  you get the front door and

then you can spin around and


again that takes practice to be able to

be comfortable  flying under

things or flying really close to things

for flying the drone right

or just putting stuff together 

like you were saying

the storyboarding pro part of the

process  you want to make a tour

of the home right where do you start you

start in the bathroom do you start the

garage i mean is that the most glamorous


 you want to create 

psychological effects and  music

has a great

  effect on the whole so talk


about talk about music a little bit

that's a good that's a great point so

you've got all this nice video

and um what do you do with it you're

going to edit it down


 make this sort of what like a trailer

like a movie trailer is that kind of

what you're shooting i mean yeah and you

know what i mean that's a great approach

to think about it  i like and



the music kind of is the beginning

process of everything  you go in

there and i kind of i kind of take you

know three or four shots of the same

thing just a little bit different

because you never know what you're going

to get and you kind of get back and

you're like okay what do i do with it

but  the music is i feel it's

crucial and that's kind of where i start

i get all the video i guess like that's

where i start but you want to sync the

videos to the music and again

um at the psychological process when

everything makes sense when the videos

and it's cutting and music hits on the

beat people  they start nodding

their head and then exactly and that

Talent Experience

takes and that takes talent and

experience i've seen way more videos

where it's just sort of a

walk through a home with some video

behind it there's no timing  and

then i've seen other videos that look

like the the trailer to  maverick you

know which is a movie that just came out

i know this video could be out there for

years but  the new   top gun movie

just came out yeah and the video trailer

for that makes you want to go to the


so that's what i shoot for when i do my

videos for homes is i want people to

look at that and go i need to get in

that home right now and they're calling

their buyer agent and then  as

the  person who is going to list

their home seller   what

a good video is like you said you go to

the movies you can see that  the

titles come up and they're like oh wow

that kind of looks 3d oh  we're

flying through like  what a good

video is um and a lot of that stuff um

it's not too complicated to do i mean it

takes  again  skills

it's a skill set

um for an editor but  you as a

seller you're informed  what's

going on  what a good video is

and if you

see everything that's like the same you

know like i said the same shots before

 at least person is in the game

but  you want to stand out you

want to create that urgency you want to

 you just want an amazing you

want someone like i said start nodding

their head to the music and even stuff

is like it's such a simple step that a

lot of people just leave out on the

table  it's just step two of

taking a little bit of time and 

really caring about the product that you

export yeah so let's talk about that a

little bit um

the i've got some stats here  well

first of all with covid in lockdowns two

and a half years ago everybody got stuck

in their homes so there here are some

stats from inman which is a real estate

 national um

sort of a aggregator of information

um they said that videos get four times

the inquiries of of homes that are list

when they're listed with videos they get

four times the inquiries of homes that

are listed without a video 73 percent of

homeowners say they are more likely to

list with a real estate agent who uses


 people watch an average of 19 hours

of online video per week which is an


of eight and a half hours over the past

four years so the audience is there

the um the desire is there


the adoption of video is very slow and

um so

i don't know what it's like in missouri

is it is all right is everybody doing

video out there or is it

what's it like out there

i feel like it's probably the same and

 in any industry

you get the people who are going to do

everything to get you the highest and

the most for your house and 

there's some people who

have a marketing budget  so

i mean it's it's all

how much how much you want to market the

property um and like you said it kind of

reiterates  people are watching

a lot of stuff on their phones on their

ipads  they can do it anywhere

um and you're you want that chance to

capture that just one interest 

um and like video video does it 

there's there's not a lot of cable

anymore so people cut the cords um and

then you have  you have facebook

you have youtube you have tick tock um

you have instagram

and all those are kind of their own

separate animals and i mean like i said

um when you're making these videos you

want to know

which audience you're talking to and

which audience is going to um

 come at your house put a bid in

on your house  put a contract in

on your house


and  at the maybe at the end of

the day it's a numbers game but yeah

you're like if you're doing if you're

putting out the content it's  in



typically when i go on  home

listing appointments i'll go into the

mls the night before and i will look up

all homes over a certain price range

let's say it's 500 000

in whatever counties say york and

cumberland county and there will be less

than 10 percent that actually have a

custom video as part of the photos so

like you can click on photos on any of

these and i'll just go through each one

i'll go right down the list and i'll

look to see if there's a custom video

and less than 10 have that so we've got

stats showing that people are online

they want video they want an agent that

does custom video and yet the adoption

rate is very low now sometimes people

will put these photos these videos on

places other than the mls like a web

their own website or whatever or youtube

but the bottom line is the mls is where

people are getting the information from

so why wouldn't you post it there and

again another reason to use someone like

you or me who understands the social

media and the marketing aspect of what

do you do once the video's done 

that's really where you put the real

estate person hat on

and marketing and um it's more than just

the people that  your your

database and you like i said you've

continually if you're doing video

all the time

um  even once a week you're

building an audience of people who who

know you  your brand

um it's i mean it's it's way more than

just doing the video the videos 

the first step

um and like you said it's what you do

with after the video um and how many

people you can get coming back 

so tell tell me a little bit because


we're gonna  wrap this up pretty soon

but just wanted to go into the  law

part of this


what do you need to do to be a drone

pilot to use video for listing videos

yes so if you ever want to make money

doing a drone you need your part 107

license um and what is that

it's it's a certification that the faa


wants you to go through a program i mean

there's not there's not a step program

but there's a standardized test um and

it's basically all the safety

regulations they want to know where that

 where you can and can't fly

and why those regions and how high you

can fly

um and  it's the same thing as

 anybody could be a lifeguard

but you want a lifeguard who knows cpr

in an emergency situation so 

you really want a professional who has

that certification who has insurance

um so to know that the person that

you're hiring as your agent or the

people that your agents are going to

hire as has a part 107 license and is

insured is very important and if they're

going to come fly on your house that

you're about to sell what if it gets


where's that going to come out of you

know so just reiterating again the three things that that people really want on


the ability to have a story told about

their home

and have that stand out in the listing

when it's rolled out above all the other


that creating a fear of an urgency and a

fear of loss in the buyers they want to

see the home once they see the home they

want to get the home and that number

three leads into typically um bidding

 more offers possible bidding

wars better  contingencies like an

appraisal gap contingency or whatever

because people want that home they're

willing to do more to get that home for

you as a seller it's going to give you

the ability to hopefully

increase the bottom line and get top

dollar for your listing so we hope this

was helpful tai  really appreciate you

coming in all the way from Missouri on

zoom but  i hope the  travel

wasn't too bad i know it's been


all right well thanks again i hope you

all have a great day and don't forget

today's the day don't dog it

DD8- Show your home without buyers stepping foot inside!

A chat with a great client- Ron Bissell

Hey, everybody. Dave Dog here and the dog house today has moved to Saco, Maine. I'm at my friend Ron's house. Ron and his wife sold their house a couple of years ago. Almost three years ago. Yeah. And Ron had just come out of doing some chemo and so we wanted to find a way to keep the mass of people coming in to look at their beautiful home, which they were selling in Saco.

And now we came up with kind of a unique way to do that. So tell me what happened, Ron, where we were talking about what we could do. To find a way to not have so many people come in all at once. The first thing we talked about was to restrict the number of people coming into the house because at that time I was quite immune deprived because of the chemo that I was on.

[00:00:53] And thinking about it over and over again, we thought why can't we just do a walkthrough video of the house and do it so that they can interact with you and come up with a good feeling for the house? And then we could then take the people that we thought were, would be the best fit for the house to come through personally and get a view of the house and to get the fuel of the house before they actually commit. Yeah. And that's exactly what I remember. We talked about, and at first I thought it might manifest itself as a video. That we would just put a video tour up online and people could look at it. But then what I realized was I could use the technology of our showing time app, which is the app where an agent goes on to book a showing along with zoom, where I could send a Zoom link for their specific showing.

[00:01:42] So what happened was we were able to do two. Over one weekend. So we got 17 showings done on one weekend, two days. And as I got showing time requests, I then sent a Zoom link to the, to that buyer agent. She was able, or he was able to send that out to their buyers and other people in their family that might have wanted to be on the Zoom also, which was cool.

[00:02:03] So somebody might have been in a different, But because if it's on Zoom, they were able to do the showing. So then I went in the home by myself, and I went around 17 times with my camera and did a walkthrough tour. The buyers were able to stop me if they wanted to see something a little different or go into a, a closet or look around something.

[00:02:21] And they, the comments were great. I think we had a really robust it was a real good experience for the people that came through the house because they got to see it. before they had to actually physically be there. And I think being able to talk to you while you were walking 'em through the house is a big benefit.

[00:02:36] Yeah, I think so too. And so we got eight offers from those 17 showings. And then Ron and his wife went through the offers to see which ones they liked the best, and then offered those people the ability to come in. Within a couple of days. So everybody was in and out within I think four days.

[00:02:54] Within four days, yeah. Yeah. And then they were able to then choose a, an offer to go with. And I think that the unexpected part of it was the feedback from the agents was really positive. They were, they thought it was very different to be able to do that. But from your perspective, it was so good to not have a crowd going through the home.

[00:03:12] It was wonderful because we didn't have to really do. . Yeah. The house was set up for people to come through. Yeah. And you took 'em through and they seemed to really enjoy that. Yeah. I think they get, you got more positive feedback, I think, than actually walking through the house. Yeah.

[00:03:27] Yeah. It was all positive feedback from the agents and because I don't think they understood what we were doing until after we did it. Yep. The walkthrough and then they understood. So anyway just a kind of a from a seller's perspective a way of thinking outside the box on how we can do things to keep people safe and secure in whatever situation they're in, to be able to provide a solution for that situation.

[00:03:49] Yeah. Plus it, it did it over a shorter period of time, right? I think so. You'd have to keep setting the house up, keep cleaning, all that kind of stuff. Yep. You do it once and it's done. Yeah. And this was right as Covid started too. This was like right in that fall, I believe. Exactly. Middle end of summer.

[00:04:02] Yeah. Listen, I really appreciate your taking some time out, Ron, and talking to me and I love your, pleasure. We're in the new house now and they love it here and. It was just a really good experience. So I wish you well. Thank you. And you look great. Thank you. Yeah, you're doing well.

[00:04:15] Good. I'm glad Doing well. Good. All right. And all of you don't forget, today's the day. Don't dog it .