Mount Sharon Baptist Church

Pastor: Elder Clarence Smith

Shephard Mother: Evangelist Betty Hall

1609 West Girard Ave | Philadelphia PA 19130 | 267-584-3222

The Healing Center


Mount Sharon Baptist church founded in 1949 by the late Reverend Berkley Hall. A Southern Baptist, Pastor Hall was a “passionate advocate for racial Justice” and he led Mount Sharon with a strong focus on spiritual awareness. One focal point, used to teach his congregation, was to “rise above adversity, the hand of god will sustain you.” Mount Sharon became one of the pillars within its community. It served the Lord and the community in both religion and civil rights. Pastor Berkley Hall and Mother Ruby Hall, his wife, were a part of the civil rights movement so important to black Philadelphians during the 60s and 70s.

Our current Pastor, Elder Clarence Smith and our Shepherd Mother, Overseer Evangelist Betty Hall, would like to reach out to you concerning our beautiful, historic church home, which is in dire need of major repairs. We have been serving the needs of this community for over seventy-nine years and our commitment is to continue that service holistically through a restored and feature rich church. Within these pages, you will learn more of our calling and you will find links to our fund raising campaign. Mount Sharon Baptist Church resides in a historically certified building and we are so appreciative in your aiding its restoration. God bless you.

Pastor: Elder Clarence Smith & Shepherd Mother Betty Hall

Your Blessing is so appreciated Project 50 MSBC

The current membership of Mount Sharon is fully committed to our goal of a fund raising campaign that would see our historically certified edifice completely remodeled. You can help. Find out How . . .