Hello from the PTA!

The Mount Carbon Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) offers all parents and caregivers the opportunity to be engaged in their child's educational experience so they can reach their full potential. Being a member of PTA means that you are part of a group that is focused on programs and events to strengthen your child's education and the family-school partnership.

No matter how you decide to PTA, it's all an investment in your child. PTA to support your child's teachers and curriculum. PTA to advocate on the issues impacting your child. PTA to build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive school community.

We invite every family to participate, because we can do more together than apart. Join now!


The Mount Carbon PTA plans a variety of community events and fundraisers throughout the year to ensure a fun and positive elementary school experience, and provide much-needed resources to teachers and students. We hope all children and their families will participate in these fun-filled activities throughout the year.

We always welcome volunteers to help out with PTA events and fundraisers. If you are interested, please email the Mount Carbon PTA mountcarbonco@gmail.com. Thanks!