Motorcycle Rider’s 9 Step Accident Awareness Tips Handling Your Insurance

Take the following steps:

1. Get to safety… If you need medical attention, call 911. Are you being loaded into an ambulance? Ask to have the bike dropped off at Motorhelmets in Fullerton California – we’ll be waiting to take care of it.

2. Get a police report and call your insurance company to file a claim. Be sure to write down the claim number and the name and phone number of your insurance adjuster.

3. Don’t let the insurance company send an adjuster to your house to look at your motorcycle.

(You shouldn’t be taking your damaged motorcycle to your house, have it towed to Motorhelmets ASAP) Their job is to save the insurance company as much money as possible… and they don’t know bikes like we do.

Plus, once they look at it, they will put the burden on you to tow the bike to a repair shop, get repairs quoted, and to prove that damages are from the accident.

Again, tell them you want your preferred motorcycle shop (Motorhelmets) to assess the damages.

Then call or email us… Call: 714-879-8180 | Text: 657-217-3988

Our team will be ready to receive your bike.

4. If your bike isn’t safe to ride, just call us for a tow.

Don’t worry - your insurance company will pay for it.

We know how to tow your ride without damaging your bike further, unlike many of the big rollback truck drivers who are used to towing cars… They have no clue.

Motorhelmets is Your Preferred Motorcycle Repair Shop

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5. Once we have your motorcycle, we’ll provide a thorough quote.

We work for you. We’ll quote out for all factory OEM and aftermarket parts. all damage – whether factory original parts or aftermarket, we know bikes and their parts better than any insurance adjuster – we’ll help you get your bike right again..

6. We will review the estimate with you before we present it to the insurance company to be sure we have everything right. We believe that good communication is key.

7. We will review the damages with the field adjuster and defend the quote, item by item. We will help you get every little bit of damage from your accident repaired to perfection. We work for you..

8. As soon as the claim is approved, we can begin ordering parts and getting everything ready to make your bike whole again.

Trust that one of our experienced professional mechanics will get the job done right.

You worry about getting your body healthy, and we’ll handle the bike…

9. We can even quote what your damaged gear costs to replace (helmet, glove, jacket, boots, pants, etc..)

Your insurance company should take care of that …

Make a list of all your gear that was damaged (manufacturer, model, color, and size), and submit it to us…

We’ll get that list submitted to your adjuster for approval…

About Motorhelmets:

Motorhelmets is the preferred motorcycle repair and service shop in Orange County California. They have been servicing the community for over 10 years. They work on all street bikes, quads, cruisers, Harleys and off-road motorcycles. They have the largest showroom in Orange County and is a large stocking dealer of top brands such as Icon, Shoei, HJC, Scorpion, Fox Racing, Shift, KLIM, Oakley, Troy Lee Designs, Speed and Strength, Arai...


1871 W. Commonwealth Ave

Fullerton CA 92833

Tel: 714-879-8180 (M-F 10-7 / Sat 11-6)

Text: 657-217-3988