Collective Memory


On this site you will find stories and pictures that tells the unique history of the Museum of Science, Boston. These resources come from the Museum Archives, which was established in 2017.

Check out "MOS History 101" for articles on special topics from the Museum's history.

The Museum of Science has a large ornithology collection, with a special focus on New England species

Invertebrates make up a large portion of the living collections and the artifact collection

Mineral samples such as these are displayed in exhibits such as "Natural Mysteries"

The articles on this website are based on the information currently available from the Archives of the Museum of Science, and are summaries meant to represent the general history of the institution. This is not a comprehensive survey of the Museum's history, and may contain incomplete or outdated information. Unless otherwise noted, image and text on this site are under copyright to the Museum of Science and may not be copied or reused without explicit permission. Last updated January 2021.