Who is "MoribundMurdoch"?

MoribundMurdoch is the founder of the Educational Conglomerate/Institute "MendingMoribund [On The Mend From Moribund]", a lexicographer, and aggregator of wearable dictionary entry clothing.

MoribundMurdoch is your friendly neighborhood hypochondriac serving you with his visonary idiocy.

Meaning - What are the aims of MoribundMurdoch?

My goals in order of importance are

I. To raise funds for my dream Foster Home/School for the Development of Nascents Ubermensches and Entrepreneurs (It will be a Foster Home, Day School, Boarding School, and Guild).

II. To expand the digital library and reference material for such foster home/school.

III. To increase the velocity in which the world develops ideas [By supporting open source projects, free-markets, and throwing money at various business whatnot].

Audience - Who is the intended Audience of MoribundMurdoch's Pursuits?

Whoever would throw money at MoribundMurdoch. MoribundMurdoch is participating in glorified ebegging. Often times, I experiment with videos ideas so bad, the videos are tailored strictly for myself.

Research and Evidence - Is the work properly researched and cited?

The eedjit mattoid is working on it.

Structure - Does my works exhibit Unity and Coherence?

I'm working on it, despite my attention span, similar to that of a hummingbirds.

Language - Is the language used appropriate for the intended audience?

For each publisher I attempt to put my works on I'll try to tailor my works for such publisher. Youtube has guidelines, has guidelines, etcetera.

Genre - What method of development is the author utilising?

Love, Sarcasm, Heuristics.

What are MoribundMurdoch's thoughts on "MoribundMurdoch"?

Please, let this not be too ignominious.

Please, let this be a successful business venture that could pay for my college, living , & working holiday visa expenses.