Let's have some fun on bikes!

In honor of our annual Diva Cup event, we invite you to jump onto your bike for a socially distant version in the form of a week-long scavenger hunt on two wheels.

Check out our facebook page for more info.

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The mission of the Monthly Cycle is to foster an inclusive and more accessible bicycling community for women and non-binary St. Louisans.

We are committed to:

Helping more women and non-binary folks confidently ride bikes in a way that fits their needs and lifestyle;

Empowering women and non-binary folks to trust in the power of their own body as a form of transportation;

Increasing the number of women and non-binary people biking on the streets of STL;

Identifying and reducing the barriers women and non-binary people face while biking through encouragement, community, and advocacy;

Inclusivity across race, age, sexual identity, non-binary identify, socio-economic background, and fitness level.