Natural Language Processing Laboratory: 


Welcome to the Natural Language Processing Lab at Montclair State University! Our research is conducted in the Linguistics and Computer Science Departments where we combine linguistic insights with rigorous, cutting edge methods in machine learning and other computational approaches to process human language. 

The NLP lab is run by Dr. Anna Feldman. 

Anna Feldman is also the Director of M.S. in Computational Linguistics.

FEED PETs: Further Experimentation and Expansion on the Disambiguation of Potentially Euphemistic Terms  | Patrick Lee, Iyanuoluwa Shode, Alain Chirino Trujillo, Yuan Zhao, Olumide Ebenezer Ojo, Diana Cuevas Plancarte, Anna Feldman, Jing Peng

NollySenti: Leveraging Transfer Learning and Machine Translation for Nigerian Movie Sentiment Classification  | Iyanuoluwa Shode, David Ifeoluwa Adelani, Anna Feldman, Jing Peng

Montclair Computational Linguistics Graduate Student Building $7.5 Million AI Company  | Raz Besaleli

Searching for PETs: Using Distributional and Sentiment-based Methods To Find Potentially Euphemistic Terms | Martha Gavidia, Patrick Lee, Anna Feldman, Jing Peng

Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling for Public Perception of Air Travel: COVID Issues and Policy Amendments | Avery Field, Aparna Varde, Pankaj Lal

CATs are Fuzzy PETs: A Corpus and Analysis of Potentially Euphemistic Terms | Martha Gavidia, Patrick Lee, Anna Feldman, Jing Peng

YOSM: A New Yoruba Sentiment Corpus for Movie Reviews | Iyanuoluwa Shode, David Ifeoluwa Adelani, Anna Feldman

Correlating Facts and Social Media Trends on Environmental Quantities Leveraging Commonsense Reasoning and Human Sentiments | Brad McNamee, Aparna Varde, Simon Razniewski

A Framework for German-English Machine Translation with GRU RNN | Levi Corallo, Guanghui Li, Kenna Reagan, Abhishek Saxena, Aparna S. Varde and Brandon Wilde

Sentiment Analysis in Poems in Misurata Sub-dialect | Azza Abugharsa