Montclair High School 2019


"Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are." - Mason Cooley

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Summer is a great time for your child to practice what he/she has learned throughout the school year. There is no better activity for your child than to engage in reading. Not only will your child discover the joy of being lost in a book, he/she will practice the many skills and strategies he/she has learned all year.

Teachers and other educators identify summer learning loss as a major challenge when starting off the new school year. Research has shown that summer reading loss is cumulative over time. However, students who read over the summer return to school ready to continue their learning with little or no learning loss.

Summer reading is meant to be enjoyable and we do not want students to have to struggle; we want reading to be fun and relaxing. The summer reading lists and assignments on this website were collaboratively created by our ELA teachers and are meant to challenge students as well as engage them in grade-level texts. Students are aware of what is expected of them before they leave for summer break. This website was created so that parents and students can have easy access to the books choices and assignments for their designated grade levels. We hope that our students' summers are filled with fun, sun and lots of reading!


The ELA Department at Montclair High School