Working Papers

Market Power in Input Markets: Theory and Evidence from French Manufacturing [Paper]

We study the size of market power of importers in input trade and its implications for the aggregate economy.

Two-Sided Market Power in Firm-to-Firm Trade [Abstract] (Joint with V. Alviarez, K. Kikkawa, M. Fioretti)

We study how concentration among domestic buyers and foreign suppliers affects bilateral prices and markups in markets with two-sided heterogeneity.

Work in Progress

Monetary Policy, Customer Capital, and Market Power (Joint with D. Zeke)

Markups, Intangible Capital and Heterogeneous Financial Frictions (Joint with C. Altomonte, D. Favoino, T. Sonno)

Endogenous Currency Invoicing and Dominant Currencies (Joint with C. Lenoir)

Older Projects

Variable Demand Elasticity, Markups, and Pass-Through [Paper] (Joint with C. Arkolakis), August 2017

We analyze the markups and pass-through implications of a number of demand functions that have been used in international economics as alternatives to CES.