Working Papers

Two-Sided Market Power in Firm-to-Firm Trade, 2020

with V. Alviarez, M. Fioretti and K. Kikkawa

Summary: We characterize import prices and pass-through elasticities in firm-to-firm trade with two-sided market power and heterogeneity.

Market Power in Input Markets: Theory and Evidence from French Manufacturing, 2020

Summary: I provide micro-level evidence on importers' market power in input trade and evaluate its effect on the aggregate economy.

Markups, Intangible Capital, and Heterogeneous Financial Frictions, 2020

with C. Altomonte, D. Favoino and T. Sonno

Summary: We study the interaction between financial frictions and intangible investment decisions in manufacturing firms and its implications for markups' dynamics.


Monetary Policy, Customer Capital, and Market Power, Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming

with D. Zeke

Summary: We study the macro-level implications of imperfect competition over customer capital in low interest rate environments using novel evidence for the U.S. and a theoretical model.

Work in Progress

Labor Market Power, Self-Employment, and Development, with F. Amodio and P. Medina

Endogenous Currency Invoicing and Dominant Currencies, with C. Lenoir