Working Papers

Monetary Policy, Customer Capital, and Market Power, with D. Zeke, 2020, R&R Journal of Monetary Economics

Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy, 2020

Summary: We study the role of customer capital and firm heterogeneity in determining a contractionary channel of monetary policy.

Markups, Intangible Capital, and Heterogeneous Financial Frictions, with C. Altomonte, D. Favoino and T. Sonno, 2020

Summary: We study the interaction between financial frictions and intangible investment decisions in manufacturing firms and its implications for markups' dynamics.

Two-Sided Market Power in Firm-to-Firm Trade, with V. Alviarez, M. Fioretti and K. Kikkawa, 2020

Summary: We characterize import prices and pass-through elasticities in firm-to-firm trade with two-sided market power and heterogeneity.

Market Power in Input Markets: Theory and Evidence from French Manufacturing, 2020

Summary: I provide micro-level evidence on importers' market power in input trade and evaluate its effect on the aggregate economy.

Work in Progress

Labor Market Power, Selection, and Self-Employment in Peru, with F. Amodio and P. Medina

Endogenous Currency Invoicing and Dominant Currencies, with C. Lenoir

Older Projects

Variable Demand Elasticity, Markups, and Pass-Through, with C. Arkolakis , 2017

Summary: We analyze the markups and pass-through implications of a number of demand functions that have been used in international economics as alternatives to CES.