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Personalized Nutritional Planning & Gym/Home Fitness Planning

"I hope from the moment anyone comes through those gym doors you feel that you are so loved on and enough in this world just as you are and that you have a place where you belong and would be missed."     - Molly


Thats right we have now enetered the tech world with our own app!

Train ML style from anywhere on the map, while still having all of the personalized planning/coaching you have come to love from Coach Molly!

Personalized Nutrtion/Customized home or gym planning/Both


MOVE by ML Nu is a one of a kind Essential Amino Energy. Each canister is jammed packed with the vitamins and minerals your body would love to have daily along with a organic source of caffeine (so have a less harsh effect on your stomach if you are someone who is sensitive to caffeine), green tea extract, DMAE, coenzyme Q10. Local pick up from the gym alog with shipping options are avaible Here: Order MOVE Here! 

 Come Sweat With Us!

Come join us for a different type of group fitness class. Come for the fun yet challenging workouts, but stay for the amazing community of friends you make, because let's face it... doing hard things is a little bit easier to do with other people doing hard things along side you.

"For starters, Molly is just a first-class human. She is equal parts hustle and humble, and her presence is just pure joy. She truly from the bottom of her heart wants what's best for her clients, both personally and in the gym. She is always present and all-in during work outs and never makes anyone feel like they are "just a number" or "just a job" to her. Molly has a special gift for knowing when to push you harder and when to let you take it "easy" -- though none of her workouts is ever easy! She is always striving to grow as a trainer and try out new movements or workouts with you because she is honestly invested in seeing you grow in your fitness journey, and she celebrates every win and PR with you as if it were her own. Molly is the perfect mix of cheerleader and butt-kicker, and just one of the sweetest souls! She gracefully teaches you about form and how different movements work your muscles in order to pass on all the knowledge you need to work out independently because she genuinely wants to see you succeed. When she says she wants you to come as you are, she means it. And when she says she wants everyone to feel welcomed and loved just as they are, her actions back that up far beyond expectations. I am so grateful I found my way to her!!!"         - Sarah Zoellick

Meet Molly! The girl with ALL the logic.

Molly was born and raised in Alaska where her love for fitness started at the early age of 3 with competitive figure skating. She has been a nationally certified PT and helping clients reach goals for the past 6 years and worked with hundreds of people. Molly's passion for helping others is uniquely matched by her enthusiasm and heart for meeting people where they are at in their health and fitness journey. She truly enjoys helping others crush the goals they set for themselves. Opening the Molly Logic Gym has been an 11 year old goal for her and now that it is finally here she can't wait to meet each of you at the gym! 

When she is not at the gym you can usually find her playing with her three hotdog pups.

"I literally cannot say anything negative about my training with Molly. From day one, Molly has pushed me and cheered me on to do more and more. She respects when I say I truly can’t do something but also can read me and knows when to push me to push through a tough workout. Molly truly cares about the people she trains and cares about what’s on your plate. I look forward to every session I have with her because I know we’re going to have a good workout, but also because I know we’ll have some good laughs and conversation."     - Kari Kisner

We are a Community!

Molly Logic is not like most gyms around. We are a community first where we value people over profts and truely want to see you reach you health and wellness goals.  

ML is over 300 people strong across 34 states, and 2 counties with our home gym here in NE. Who range in ages 18 months to 73 years strong.

"Molly is extremely knowledgeable, patient, motivating and prepared. I have several life long injuries and she has been able to teach me how to strengthen those areas without hurting me. She pays close attention to how the body responds to each movement to ensure safety while making progress. Her knowledge allows her to make modifications on the spot. She also helped me work myself out of fatty liver in two months. She is worth the investment!"   - Megan Davidson

"I reached out to Molly in early Dec 2022 as a suggestion from my BFF; we met in person ONCE. That ONE meeting set me up for more success than I've ever had in the past. Within days of meeting her, I had a personalized workout and nutritional plan. I'm about 6 months into both and for the first time, I actually ENJOY working out. It has become part of my routine and I no longer dread it (except maybe leg day and I have a soft spot for sweets, oops!). I see definition in my arms, my posture is better and I'm slowly getting stronger in my back and core. When I first started, I could only curl 5 lbs...I'm already up to 12.5 lbs, that's GROWTH!

Molly is positive, caring and has challenged me to become a better version of me. The Molly Logic community has also been nothing but positive and while I may not go to her gym physically and meet these people, I know the support is there if I ever need it. Thank you, Molly and ML community, for being so awesome!"           - Jen Christensen

ML FITNESS Swag & Apparel is Here

CLICK HERE for all things ML & TML outside of the gym! Whether you grab a cozy hoodie, coffe mug, stickers, or something else remember that you are one amazing and srong person.

We love to see you in your swag... Don't forget to tag us on social media to be featured!

Did Someone Say Avocuddle?

We are over the moon excited to announce the launch of our new Avocado fitness bands. These are great for all athelets, from the most experinced all the way to first timers. Our bands are cloth with no slip grips on the inside. These bands are a great way to experience a full body workout anywhere and easy enough to pack along during adventues. If you have not already try Coach Molly's favorite banded push-ups.

They are availble for purchase through pick up at the gym or shipping: Order yours HERE! 

I love working out with Molly. I feel she very quickly was able to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and what workouts would best help me reach my goals. No work out is the same! I love how creative she is in structuring the plan for each session. Molly will talk to you and keep you talking and before you realize it, the hour is over and you just set another PR.     - Kristin Parker

'Where do I even start?! Molly is the perfect balance of empathy and butt kicker. She will push you and challenge you in ways you won’t get from working out on your own (or at least I know I won’t). She is the first trainer I’ve worked with and I honestly have zero interest in ever working with anyone else in this realm! Best part, we do it all via Zoom from the comfort of my home. I wouldn’t have the time to do it any other way right now. I’m a single mom and have had my kids home when doing a workout and she is so welcoming about that too! She invites them to join right on it. Molly has a passion for truly helping her clients and believe me, it shines in her work. I could go on all day about how great she is. If you’re looking for a trainer, she’s your girl! You won’t regret working with her!'     - Cala Elswick

"Molly is so great to work with! She tailors workouts to fit your fitness level, provides lots of variety so you are constantly working different muscle groups, and is great at providing the right level of encouragement. She is detailed in her direction and works hard to ensure everyone in the class is clear on the proper form to complete an exercise. One of the best trainers I’ve worked with!"     - Jonathan Kuhn

"Molly is absolutely amazing! In my first week on the program I lost 6lbs! She has been there for me through all the crazy ness that has gotten in the way and provided me with advice and encouragement. I unfortunately got into an accident three weeks into my program which caused and injury that prevented me from working out and she stuck by me with words of encouragement and advice.I have finally recovered from my injury and can workout again and she is still here for me! I whole heartedly recommend Molly she is true to her word and provides excellent advise and sticks by your side. I am jumping back into my program Monday and I’m so excited."     - Inga Jenkins

ML Policies: For month to month services/access you may end at anytime with a written/email notice by the15th of the month prior to your payment being taken out on the 1st. Please send a written e-mail to For all PT sessions missed or canceled within 24 hours of your time slot will result in you being charged. All session expire 6 months after date of purchase if unused. No Refunds on services.