Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Requires adherence to the behavior and cultural respect of nine (9) categories of conduct and its corresponding Hawaiian values, attitudes, and concepts as follows:

1. Kamehameha I (The Standard)

Kamehameha, the Standard of Leadership. The ihe reminds us that Kamehameha with his chiefs and warriors united these islands; we are expected to guard well the welfare of our Order and to protect it against all enemies who seek to attack it with untruths. Keep always that high standard of integrity and honor as a Hawaiian subject and the duty you owe your country and Noble Order. Be a man in the highest sense of the word and let your conduct be a shining light among men.

E HOOKANAKA – “Be a Man”

2. Alakai (Leadership)

Cultivates the cardinal principles of friendship, charity, and benevolence; infuse the spirit of patriotism, loyalty, helpfulness, and kindness among its members, advance the interest of members in every rightful cause, and to encourage and develop leadership.

3. Kalaiaina (Political)

The mission of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, is to reaffirm the existence of the Kingdom of Hawaii and advocate for its full entitlements of Self Governance over its People, Land, Ocean, and other resources.

Men of the Royal Order with Honorary Alii Kahuna Laau Lapaau Dr. Earl Bakken

4. Hoolono (Obedient)

Promise to aid in advancing the benefits of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, and obey all orders given to you by the Alii Ai Moku and the Kakaolelo.

5. Wahi noho like o ka poe (Community)

Uplift the Hawaiian people, Lokahi = Unity, as Hawaiians realizing the necessity of uniting our people so that ALOHA for one another may be fostered and cherished.

6. Naike a me na hana (Cultural)

Preserving and perpetuating the culture of our forefathers, uplift the Hawaiian people.

7. Hoomana (Spiritual)

All life forms seen and unseen are sacred. Therefore all things require respect for their Mana (spiritual life energy). Maintain an attitude of respect and humility. The Holy Bible is one of the recognized foundations of truth and righteousness, the corner stone of our Order; teaches us the word of our creator to live by.

Members of the Royal Order with Kahulanui after they performed a live concert for the Papa Alii.

8. Makahiki (Sports and Religious Festivities)

Caring for life, encouraging a brother to participate in the Order’s activities to the fullest extent possible. The ancient customs and practices are honored.

9. Hooponopono (Make Right)

Healing to make right, to aid a brother in distress, to relieve his necessities in so far as you are able to. Hoihi aku, Hoihi mai, sharing mutual respect for each other with an attitude of haahaa, being humble.

Hale Laau, meeting area for the Moku O Kona chapter.