Nagan Research Lab

Dr. Maria Nagan

Professor of Practice, Department of Chemistry

Associate Dean for Curriculum, College of Arts and Sciences


Chemistry Office: 435 Chemistry

Dean's Office: Melville Library E-3320

Welcome to Dr. Nagan's research page! 

Students in the Nagan lab are all undergraduate and high school students. 

The Nagan lab employs computational methods to examine  RNA structure and protein recognition of RNA.  We make movies on the computer, collecting structures of molecules throughout time, and then use physical chemistry and mathematical principles to extract meaning out of the data. To join the group, please read more about the Nagan lab projects and then email Dr. Nagan to see about availability of spots.

Undergraduate Research

Dr. Nagan is director of two larger undergraduate research programs at Stony Brook University.

Stony Brook Chemistry REU

Click here to apply for Summer 2023

Open to non-Stony Brook students, Funded by NSF CHE-2050541

Velay Program

Click here to see students' videos from last year

Stony Brook students: Click here to apply for Summer 2023 

Funded by the Panaphil Foundation

Other Roles

ACS COMP Co-chair Programming

Amber Software Executive Committee

Mercury Consortium Executive Committee