MMORE is a non-profit organization providing a support system for parents of twins, triplets, quads and more. Founded in 1957, MMORE is one of the oldest groups for parents of multiples in Illinois. The Purpose of MMORE is to join together mothers and guardians of multiple birth children in a manner which is supportive and educational, and to advise one another in the development of these children and their families.

Membership is for all mothers, fathers, expectant parents and guardians of multiple birth children or children who have less than 3 months difference in age are eligible for membership. Mothers of Multiples of the Rockford Expanse have MoMs Night Outs once a month instead of a meeting at area Rockford Restaurants. Email to find out the next date and location.

MMORE annual dues also include membership in Multiples of Illinois (MOI) AKA Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (IOMOTC). Club members will receive newsletters and publications from both of these organizations. You can also get early access into MOI's clubs area resales.